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Ice Control Products for Sale in Des Moines

While Iowa winters can be unpredictable, Kleener Image is the one-stop-shop you can rely on for all of your ice control and snow plow needs. We offer a wide range of bulk, bagged, and liquid products to assist your company with ice control.

Bulk Ice Control Products

  • Rock Salt
  • Treated Salt (Infernalmelt with Residucron) - Green Dye
  • Ice Control Sand (sand treated with calcium chloride to create a freeze-proof sand)
  • InfernalMelt Liquid Deicer

Bagged Ice Melt Products

  • Eco-Guard (-20F) 49 bags/pallet. 50-pound bags. Purple Dye
  • Ice Heat (-5F) 50 bags/pallet. 50-pound bags. Blue Dye
  • Professional Ice Melter (-16F) 50 bags/pallet. 50-pound bags. Blue Dye. Tech Grade Product
  • Delivery Available

The Snowplow Snow Shovels

  • 18” Snow Dominator Scoop
  • 24” The Snow Plow Pusher
  • 30” The Snow Plow Pusher
  • 36” The Snow Plow Pusher
  • Replacement Handle/Parts

Emergency Snow Products

We are open 24/7 during each and every major snow event to accommodate your urgent snow and ice needs and to assist you in loading the materials.

Snow Products Delivery & Hauling

Kleener Image offers ice melt delivery for bagged and bulk materials, as well as snow hauling services.

Questions? Get in Touch With Our Team.

Please contact our team for any questions about product availability or to get a quote for your complete winter ice control supplies.

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