Custom Fabrication

Looking for a custom sign, bench, or monument? Kleener Image’s custom stone fabrication services can help. We use a wire saw to cut natural stone and create products that fit your specific needs or specifications. We stock a seven-inch landscape step that is thermal finished top and bottom. Additionally, we use a two-inch stepper slab that can be left sawn or thermal finished.

What is Custom Stone Fabrication?

Custom stone fabrication is the process of cutting natural stone into different shapes and sizes to create a unique product that fits a customer’s needs exactly. Whether you’re making a stone staircase in your backyard landscaping project or want to create a bench, monument, or sign, we can create custom stone shapes that bring your vision to life.

Our Process

We’ll help you or your client select a piece of stone to be used for your custom fabrication project, including making recommendations about the type of stone that’s best for your needs. Then, we’ll inspect the stone for defects, size the stone slab, and shape it to fit your exact specifications. Finally, we refine and polish the finished stone so it’s ready for your use.

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Work with Kleener Image to create custom stone pieces to complete your landscaping project. Our team of experts will help to select, design, and cut your custom stone piece to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started.

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